Our Brands

Quality  independent European manufacturers

Spanish artesanía

Cajones Al Andalus

Cajones Al-Andalus is a Spanish company founded in 2008 by craftsmen Francisco and David. All their percussion instruments are handmade in their Madrid workshop. The result is instruments which are individually made with first-class materials to make your Flamenco Cajon unique. Trusted and played   by musicians  worldwide. Now available in Scandinavia via SHOG, you have the opportunity to get your hands on these high quality instruments.

All about the pickups

Monty's Guitars

Based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, Monty’s is a team of talented luthiers, musicians and coffee makers headed by Matt Gleeson. Matt started luthiering almost 20 years ago, under the guidance of Charlie Chandler. For over a decade now he has developed a reputation as England's premier manufacturer of handmade guitar pick ups, upgrades   &   accessories.

Monty’s  offer   a vast range of products to improve the feel and sound of your guitar & bass.  Trust them with your tone! SHOG are proud to   offer this fine product range in Scandinavia.

Cables done Good

Loaded for Bear

Loaded for Bear do just one simple thing, honestly: they hand-build premium quality braided audio cables to last.

Their mission is to grow and learn. The gap between the people that make cables and the people that use them is often too big. They want to earn the support of their customers so that they can make an impact on the manufacturing process and play their part in developing the use of more sustainable materials in the products they make. This is their dream & SHOG are very pleased to  support them .